IRP Investment Management

Investment Resource Planning (IRP): A Comprehensive Solution for Investment Management

In the dynamic world of investment, efficiency, and precision are paramount. The Investment Resource Planning (IRP) system, crafted by BURGAN, represents the pinnacle of portfolio and fund management, performance measurement, and reporting technology. Designed for investment firms, banks, advisors, money managers, and brokerage firms, IRP integrates advanced client/server architecture with the latest MS-Windows web-server and SQL database technologies. This powerful, scalable solution offers an unparalleled investment tracking and client-reporting framework, all while ensuring data integrity and control by operating on your own infrastructure.

Key Features of IRP

Experience seamless integration with IRP’s sophisticated accounting features, ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting for all your investment activities.

Maximize investment returns with IRP’s advanced portfolio management tools, designed to optimize asset allocation and performance tracking across diverse portfolios.

Efficiently manage and administer investment funds, leveraging IRP to streamline operations, from subscription and redemption processes to comprehensive fund performance analysis.

Cater to the unique requirements of Islamic finance with dedicated modules for Sharia-compliant direct investments, ensuring adherence to Islamic principles while optimizing returns.

Access a broad spectrum of investment instruments, including equity, debt, derivatives, and alternative investments, fully supported by IRP for comprehensive investment strategy execution.

Empower your decision-making with IRP’s in-depth financial analysis tools, providing critical insights into investment performance, risk assessment, and market trends.

Deepen client relationships with IRP’s CRM module, designed to manage client interactions, enhance customer service, and support sales and marketing efforts.

Offer your clients a user-friendly web interface, enabling secure access to their investment portfolios, transaction histories, and performance reports, fostering transparency and trust.

Ensure compliance with GCC regulatory requirements, as IRP automates the generation and submission of reports to Central Banks, Capital Markets Authorities, and other regulatory bodies.

From direct and Islamic investments to financial analysis and real estate investments, IRP supports a wide array of instruments and markets.

With over 80 standard reports in both English and Arabic, customizable to over 500 data fields, IRP ensures that your reporting is as detailed and flexible as your needs demand.

Maintain detailed records of clients, their accounts, and investment requirements with ease, thanks to IRP’s extensive client/account detail functionalities.

IRP’s investment performance reporting tools offer granular insights from the security level within a single portfolio to overarching views across multiple portfolios.

Navigate the complexities of the money market with ease, thanks to IRP’s specialized functionalities for managing short-term financial instruments and liquidity positions.

Achieve better control and insight into your fixed income investments, with tools designed for detailed analysis, performance tracking, and optimization of bond portfolios.

Enhance your treasury operations with IRP, offering robust support for cash management, liquidity forecasting, and risk management, ensuring financial stability and operational efficiency.

Manage real estate portfolios with precision, utilizing IRP’s dedicated modules for property investment analysis, performance measurement, and financial management.

Engage in forward contracts with confidence, as IRP provides tools for market making, pricing, and risk management, supporting your strategic investment objectives.

Facilitate secure and efficient communication with financial institutions worldwide using IRP’s integrated SWIFT messaging capabilities for seamless transaction processing.

Simplify client data management with IRP’s broad support for data import interfaces from broker/dealers, clearing firms, and institutional sources, alongside flexible export options.

Save time with IRP’s automated data reconciliations, portfolio rebalancing, and trade allocations, among other features designed to streamline investment account management.

IRP’s user interface and reports are fully bilingual, allowing simultaneous use of English and Arabic, catering to the diverse needs of the GCC market.

Whether you need a single-user setup or a multi-user system across a centralized server, IRP’s advanced software architecture ensures seamless operation and access, including remote web access for clients.

Tailor IRP’s extensive reporting capabilities to fit your precise requirements, with output options ranging from PDF and HTML to Excel and Word formats.

Beyond typical portfolio and fund management requirements, IRP offers specialized features for users with advanced needs, including multi-currency support and pooled funds accounting.


is not just a software solution; it's a strategic tool designed to empower investment professionals to achieve superior management and reporting efficiency. In adopting IRP, you're choosing a system that grows with your business, ensuring that you stay ahead in the fast-evolving investment landscape. Discover how IRP can transform your investment management approach and drive your business towards greater success.