24 May

InfrasoftTech with Burgan National Information Systems Company showcased latest technologies for Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crime Prevention

Infrasoft Technologies along with Burgan National Information Systems Company conducted a day’s event to showcase the latest technologies for Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crime prevention. The event was attended by industry professionals from Banking, Exchange and Financial institutions. We also had government and foreign embassy representatives.

The event primarily focused on AML Compliance Solution catering to the requirements of FIU compliance for any financial institution. The compliance & risk management group at a financial institution must lay a robust foundation to manage anti money laundering and anti-fraud risks.

InfrasoftTech’s artificial intelligence enabled comprehensive RegTech Suite of Solutions is developed on a single core risk platform comprising of OMNIEnterprise® Compliance & Financial Crime Surveillance Solution, OMNIEnterprise® Anti-Fraud Solution and FATCA CRS. The solution helps improve customer risk management for financial enterprises in the domain of Anti Money Laundering, KYC, Risk Compliance & Monitoring and Regulatory Reporting. It is a leading edge product which processes volumes of structured and unstructured data within milliseconds to prevent and predict frauds across channels and products. InfrasoftTech’s OMNIEnterprise® Anti-Fraud Solution has been awarded by Technoviti in the year 2016 and OMNIEnterprise® Compliance & Financial Crime Surveillance Solution is ranked as leaders in the IBS Sales League Table 2017.

Amit Sharma

Vice President, Products of Infrasoft Technologies

Mr. Amit Sharma, VP, Products of Infrasoft Technologies, stated that anti-money laundering compliance is putting a serious strain on banks, exchanges and investment firms. These firms must have rigorous and robust processes for identification, assessment and reporting of suspicious customer activity. Infrasoft Technologies developed state of the art system to meet ever evolving AML compliance requirements and monitor financial fraud scenarios across customers, employees, agents and vendors. It is one of the very few global solutions that has been successfully implemented in multi-entity, multi-lingual and multi-currency environments and provides complete coverage of FIU guidelines for banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, brokerages, currency exchange house and non-banking finance companies worldwide.

Mohammed Bourisly

Mr. Mohammed Bourisly

Mohammed Bourisly, the General Manager of Burgan National Information Systems and the exclusive partner of Infrasoft Technologies in Kuwait, said that Kuwait’s anti-money laundering laws are “very strict” and in line with international standards. Therefore, we are partnering with one of the world’s best anti-money laundering solution providers for a solution that is compliant with Kuwait and GCC regulations.

In addition to this, the event showcased latest OMNIEnterprise® Financial Crime Surveillance Solution compliant with country-specific regulations in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the USA and certain Latin American & European nations with Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), USA Patriot Act and EU Directives on Money Laundering.


About InfrasoftTech

InfrasoftTech is a pioneer in Fintech Digital Solutions with over 470 clients across 36 countries including over 350 banks for their Core Banking & Payments Solutions of which 200 are on a Cloud model, and over 160 banks using RegTech (AML, Anti-Fraud and FATCA/CRS) solutions. InfrasoftTech has launched several digital solutions for the Fintech age banking including Mobility Solutions, Bots, Contactless Payments.

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02 May



Banking, Exchange and Financial institutions play an active role in the war against money laundering. Eliminating money laundering however is an overwhelming task because of the large volume of global financial transactions, constantly evolving government regulations, procedural changes, innovative laundering techniques, and increasing inter linkages of global financial systems. Based on a recent survey more than 60% of financial institutions are affected by Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulatory changes and have experienced an impact on their compliance operations in a number of areas.

This Event focuses on AML Compliance Solution that caters to the requirements of FIU compliance for any financial institution. The compliance & risk management group at a financial institution must lay a robust foundation to manage anti money laundering and anti-fraud risks.

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  • AML Compliance Manager
  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer
  • Regulatory Specialist
  • Risk Manager
  • Corporate Governance Specialist
  • Information Technology Specialist

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22 MAY, 2017

9:30am – 10:00am Registration & Networking
10:00am – 10:15am Welcome Note and Event Flow Procedures
10:15am – 11:00am Introduction to Infrasoft Technologies & Discussion on their implementation Use Cases
11:00am – 11:55am Anti Money Laundering Techniques for KYC procedures, Enhanced Due Diligence, On-Boarding, CIP Monitoring/ Screening
11:55am – 12:05pm Break for Coffee and Snack
12:05pm – 01:00pm Transaction Monitoring, Regulatory/MIS Reporting, Adaptive compliance workflow
01:00pm – 01:45pm Introduction to the use of advance analytics to combat money laundering and fraud activities
01:45pm -02:00pm Closing Remarks


Holiday Downtown Hotel Abdulla Al Ahmad St, Sharq, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2247 8858    Email: info@bnisevent.com
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26 Dec

Mobile Application Development is the current need of the businesses in Middle East.

In the last decade Mobile Apps have changed how the business is done. Every business today needs mobile apps to be abreast of competition. A research indicates that by the year 2020 twenty five percent of bank transactions will be done on Internet and twenty percentages of the transactions will be done on mobile devices. Its not only banks that are adopting mobility, insurance, real estate, hospitals, hospitality, travel, education, music, movies, etc. All industries are building up there strategies along mobility. Mobile Apps has become a trend of future business because the customer is on the move and he wants everything to be done from his comfort and leisure. And businesses have to live up to the expectations of its customers.

iPhones Apps, iPads Apps, Android Apps, Windows Apps, Blackberry Apps are the major platforms on which businesses should develop there mobile strategy as each of them have there on market share in different geographies of the world. In Middle East countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain are all gearing up to adapt mobile apps in business and e-governance. Dubai is a great example of implementation of Mobile Phone Apps for e-governance and public services.

Mobile Application Development is in demand and businesses are seeking professional services from various companies to implement their Mobile Business Strategies. Business consultants in the area of Mobile App Development partner will mobile application Development Company in India and in US to provide latest, scalable and robust mobile solutions for their customers. Many mobile app development company offer cheap solutions but they hurt the busyness as to hire an experienced mobile app developer is a challenge in itself. Burgan National Information System is a market leader in software development services in Middle East having offices in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Burgan Systems offer Mobile Application Development Services in the area of e-government, health, education, retail, hotels, reservations, travel and tourism, restaurants, insurance, banking, investment portfolio management, HRMS, GPS, Vehicle Tracking and many more.

Burgan National Information Systems has developed more then 100 mobile applications on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms. It offers services such as business consultancy for taking your business on mobile, how to leverage mobility to cut operation cost and increase productivity, developing customers digital strategy for business growth.

If your business is in need to consultancy in the area of mobility and digitization, and affordable mobile apps development you can get in touch for Free Initial Discussion at info@burgan-systems.com or call us at Kuwait +965-2247-8858, Saudi Arabia+966 551190961, UAE +966 551190961.

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18 Dec

Bolster Your Brand with Mobile Application Development

If you are running a business in the Middle-East region and looking for a solution to accelerate your business growth, then mobile application is what you need to give your business that much essential boost.

According to the survey conducted by Mideast Times in the last year, countries such as Kuwait have the highest Smartphone penetration rate in the world. This means the majority population in the Middle-east use Smartphones. Certainly, a large number of people must be accessing internet from their hand-hold devices. Therefore, for middle-east businesses, this is a perfect opportunity to highlight their presence on mobile with highly intuitive and interactive mobile applications to stay ahead in the competition.

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